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Ellie Price 

Learn to Lead Course


"Fantastic five days, well delivered, loved every minute! We packed in loads of skills over the five days, and made great progress from placing gear to attaching to anchors etc etc, to feel great about leading routes. A brilliant learning experience and a really fun five days" 

Steph James

Private Leading Course


Had a great weekend and now want to jack my job in and get back outdoors!!!! 


I'm sure we'll be in touch soon about getting something else booked in

Oli & Kelly

Introduction to Scrambling


Myself and Kellie just wanted to say thanks for a great weekend. Loved every minute and are definitely looking to get into doing more scrambling and climbing. Again couldn't have asked for anymore from the weekend, it was a great experience and we both loved it.


Introduction to Climbing


Despite the terrible weather and horrific road conditions, with a lot of help from James we managed to have a great day. I learnt everything I hoped to and more, the whole day was full of adrenaline fueled laughs. Needless to say this is just the beginning of my rock climbing experience.

James Broomhead

Learn to Lead Course


Thanks very much for a great couple of days. I really enjoyed the course. I have learnt so much and have followed your advice and started to make notes. I appreciated how clear you were with your instructions and the right amount of detail was provided. Also a bonus that you checked to make sure I understood what it was you were telling me. Hopefully I will have most of my gear sorted in the next few weeks and will be able to start ticking off all the VDiffs! Thanks also for the advice and pointers on improving my overall climbing, rather than just leading, plenty to think about.


Fear of Heights Course


I had an amazing weekend - I was completely delighted, including with myself, by the end of it. My partner said I came out of the station beaming & was still beaming when I woke up this morning. Even the bruised knees & aching muscles pale into insignificance. Thank you to everyone involved. Especially James - how he managed to keep patient while repeating about 8 times where I might find a foothold, gradually decreasing the area to look in until I found it "myself", is beyond me. I loved his calm instructions and patient and supportive manner, I'm sure he has a great future in the business.


Fear of Heights weekend 01.jpg
Clare Donald 

Moving outside - gym to rock


Hi James,

Many thanks for our superb weekend of climbing!   I really did have a great time and came home really fired up to get outside again as soon as possible. It seemed that I particularly out of the group found it most challenging at first, but by the end of the second day I really felt I’d progressed.  It was so different from indoor climbing that I just couldn’t work it out on day one, but it came together much better on day two and I started to feel as though I could do it after all! Thank you for your patience and I apologise for being a complete wimp at first – you were unfailingly patient with me and that helped me get my confidence back.  I felt that the weekend was pitched perfectly for our skills (or lack of them on my part ;-)!) and I know everyone felt the same.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others and we are already planning a repeat weekend with you!!

Thanks again and to Ollie too – it was such a great bonus to have two of you and he was so supportive and calm as well, it was perfect.

 Kind regards, Claire

Clare Renolds

Fear of Heights Course


It was fabulous. I learnt so much and can't believe what we all managed to achieve. It far exceeded my precourse expectations!  I can't praise James and Jamie enough for their patience and calm unrushed /unjudgmental approach.

Billy wilson

Rock improvers



I think I speak for everyone we had a very enjoyable experience. Your teaching skills were excellent, very calm & knowledgable. We learnt a great deal but realise there's so much more to learn. On the way home we discussed when we could come up for another weekend.  It looks like it's going to be next early next year. We will thrash out some dates & get in touch to see what weekends you can do.


Best regards



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