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Family Rock Climbing Adventure: A Thrilling Experience for All Ages


Are you ready to embark on a rock climbing adventure that the whole family will cherish? Look no further than Gibbon Adventures' Family Rock Climbing experience. This activity is specifically designed to introduce families with children to the exhilarating world of rock climbing in a safe and enjoyable way.

Our experienced and friendly guides are dedicated to creating a memorable climbing experience for every family member. With a focus on fun, learning, and teamwork, our Family Rock Climbing adventure is suitable for children as young as five years old. No previous climbing experience is required – we welcome beginners and those with limited climbing exposure.

During this full or half-day adventure, your family will learn the fundamentals of rock climbing, including essential safety techniques and equipment usage. Our professional instructors will guide you through various climbing routes suitable for all skill levels, ensuring that everyone can challenge themselves while feeling supported and encouraged.

We prioritize safety at all times, providing top-quality climbing gear and meticulously maintaining our equipment. Our guides are certified professionals with extensive experience working with families, guaranteeing a secure and enjoyable climbing environment.

As you ascend the rock faces, you'll witness breathtaking views of the stunning Snowdonia National Park. The beauty of the surrounding natural landscapes adds an extra element of awe and inspiration to your climbing experience. Capture these incredible memories as you conquer vertical challenges and celebrate achievements together as a family.

At Gibbon Adventures, we believe that rock climbing is not just a physical activity but also an opportunity for personal growth, building confidence, and fostering strong family bonds. Our Family Rock Climbing adventure offers a unique chance to support and encourage each other as you overcome obstacles and reach new heights together.

Join us for a Family Rock Climbing adventure and create lifelong memories in the beautiful surroundings of Snowdonia National Park. Whether you're looking for a one-off experience or seeking to cultivate a lifelong love for climbing, this activity is the perfect way to introduce your family to the exciting world of rock climbing.

Book your Family Rock Climbing adventure today and get ready for a thrilling and unforgettable experience that will strengthen your family's spirit of adventure and create lasting memories for years to come.

What to Expect


Meet: Normally we meet around 9:30

Drive: A short drive, then walk very short walk to a suitable Child-friendly crag.

Activities: Allowing plenty of time for several climbs, with emphasis on having fun.

Finish: Around 4:30-5pm

Price: Starting at £45 pp half day / £60pp full day - Get in touch for a quote!

What to bring: Warm ‘outdoor’ clothing (including a waterproof), packed lunch, water (2L), sun cream, mosquito spray, walking boots or trainers. Thermos flask. Any climbing Equipment you own. Click here for a full kit list.



Location: Snowdonia

Experience: None required

Max Ratio: 1:10

Duration: 1 day

Price: Starting at £45 per person for a half day and £60 per person for a full day.

What You will do & learn


  • The emphasis will be on having FUN! 
    This is critical for your younger kids to enjoy the experience, coming away with a positive experience and wanting more!

  • We will normally aim to maximize climbing time, instead of standing around teaching lots of skills. That said we'll teach the basics of tying in and belaying if it makes sense for your family. 

  • We often have parents who want to learn how to take their children outdoors safely, which is something we can teach; in fact, we have a whole 2-day course on this!

  • We will pick the best climbing area based on your family/group.

  • For most families with younger kids, this will mean going to a short single pitch crag with very easy climbs. For families from an adventurous outdoor background with Kids who love an adventure then perhaps we'll go into the mountains and do an easy roped scramble together. 


Our Climbing courses are mostly in Snowdonia National Park. We'll meet in Llanberis and normally go to Union Rock, Lion rock or the Ogwen Valley for this course. 

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