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Unleashing Adventure: The Five Best E1 - E2 Graded Rock Climbs in North Wales

North Wales is renowned for its rugged landscapes and world-class rock climbing opportunities. With its diverse range of crags and challenging routes, it's a haven for climbers seeking the thrill and adventure of rock climbs of any grade. In this (silly) blog post, we'll explore some of the best E1 to E2 graded rock climbs in North Wales, offering a taste of the exhilarating vertical challenges that await climbers in this breathtaking region.

  1. Cemetary Gates (E1 5b) - Dinas Cromlech: Located in the iconic Llanberis Pass, Dinas Cromlech is home to some of the most legendary climbs in the area. Cemetary Gates is a classic route that demands both technical skill and mental focus. The steep crack system and wild arete make it an unforgettable climb, requiring stamina and good technique in an amazing environment.

  2. Vector (E2 5c) - Tremadog: Tremadog is a mecca for traditional climbing, and Vector is a standout route on its impressive Vector headwall. With its tricky groove and slab climbing and exposed traverses, Vector is a true gem. This route challenges climbers with intricate sequences and demands efficient route finding to successfully navigate its varied terrain. Left Wall (E1 5c) - Dinas Cromlech: Left Wall, situated on the iconic Dinas Cromlech, is a legendary E1 climb that should not be missed. Known for its steepness and technical difficulty, Left Wall offers sustained crack climbing, delicate footwork, and bold face moves. This demanding route tests both strength and mental resilience, rewarding climbers with a sense of accomplishment upon reaching the top.

  3. Llithrig (E1 5c) - Clogwyn Du'r Arddu: Clogwyn Du'r Arddu is a captivating crag, and Llithrig is a standout E1 route on its dramatic rock face. This challenging climb demands precise footwork, strength, and the ability to read the intricate sequences. With its overhanging sections, exposed moves, and breathtaking views, Llithrig offers an unforgettable adventure for climbers seeking a true test of their abilities.

  4. Resurrection (E2 5b) - Gogarth: Gogarth, situated on the Anglesey coast, offers adventurous and atmospheric climbing experiences. Resurrection is a striking route that exemplifies the nature of Gogarth climbing. With its challenging overhanging cracks and bold face moves, it demands commitment and precise footwork. The exposure and incredible sunset views from the cliff add to the allure of this exceptional climb.

Conclusion: North Wales is a playground for climbers, and the E1 graded routes offer a taste of the region's rich climbing heritage. From the iconic Cenotaph Corner to the challenging Left Wall and the captivating Llithrig, each climb presents its unique set of challenges and rewards. Whether you're an experienced trad climber or looking to push your limits, North Wales will test your skills and leave you with unforgettable memories. So, gear up, hone your techniques, and embark on an adventure to conquer these E1 / E2 graded rock climbs in North Wales. What's on your list?

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